Security is nothing more than living in peace. And peace must be constructed on a daily basis. It demands knowledge, action, work and efforts by all in society, searching together for efficient solutions. See how we put peace into practice.

  • Strategy

    Strategic thought informs everything Instituto Sou da Paz does. We analyze the main dynamics of violence and, based on this diagnosis, decide where and how to act.

  • Research

    Sou da Paz researches and diagnoses the causes, circumstance and actors, in addition to the impacts, of violence.

  • Solutions

    Guided by the evidence, reason and knowledge of the problem, Instituto Sou da Paz develops programs and actions for the prevention and reduction of violence.

  • Evaluation

    Sou da Paz insists on monitoring and evaluating results in order to guarantee effective methodologies.

  • Advocacy

    Sou da Paz conducts mobilization and advocacy efforts to pressure governmental instances, and we courageously confront the 'fear industry'.

  • Networking

    We work hand-in-hand with partners – connecting governments, the press, civil society organizations, academia, the private sector and the public at large.

  • Action

    Sou da Paz participates in the implementation of efforts and solutions together with government agencies.

  • Accountability

    As a 'watchdog', Instituto Sou da Paz demands results from governments and shines a light on implementation problems of public security policies.